🤔 Why Substack? 🤔

As someone always trying out the next best thing and striving to be platform agnostic, I've used most content sites since their inception. I wanted to create this "Why Substack?" page to be transparent in my thought process and explain why I'm putting so much effort into this platform.

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Ownership and Control

One reason I love Substack is that it gives writers full ownership and control of their work. With Substack, I can build a direct relationship with my audience and set my own terms, without being restricted by third-party intermediaries. This control is essential for the growth and success of The Chaddington Post.

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Supporting Writers

Substack's focus on supporting writers aligns with my values. They are committed to helping writers succeed and allowing them to make a living doing what they love. By investing in Substack, I'm also supporting a platform that enables countless other creators to thrive.

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Strong Community

Substack has built a vibrant community of readers and writers who share common interests and engage in thought-provoking discussions. This sense of community adds value to The Chaddington Post and encourages me to produce high-quality content for my audience.

A New Economic Engine for Culture

Substack's mission to build a new economic engine for culture resonates with me. They are striving to create a better media economy that empowers writers, protects free speech, and fosters the creation of amazing works. By choosing Substack, I'm playing a part in driving this cultural revolution.

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So there you have it! I hope this help explain a bit more why I've decided to put so much effort into Substack for The Chaddington Post. Full disclosure: I did invest a little in the most recent community WeFunder, so I might have a potential bias. However, I hope this transparent insight into my thought process helps you understand my choice and encourages you to join us on this exciting journey.